1) Each month I would review the loss run report that is sent to you.

2) I would review that report to examine the reserves that have been imposed and attempt to have them lowered when applicable. I would carefully review the expenses being spent by the insurance carrier on each claim and verify that the overall numbers reconcile and were needed.

3) In cases where you are not at fault for the accident, I would take a very proactive approach in getting monies back to your company for those claims including fighting for down time. I will contact the opposing insurance carrier and keep you updated on the process.

4) Lastly, in cases where you would prefer that I file all claims on your behalf, I can provide that service as well.

My goal is to make this extremely affordable and as such my fee would be $250 per month ($200 if you omit #4) for all of the items listed above. I believe for that price level, you will receive tremendous value and results. There are no contracts to sign and no long-term commitments required.