LCT Magazine has retained Ron Sorci as its financial columnist! The column is called:


Ron says…..”I am extremely pleased to be given the opportunity of joining LCT Magazine as a columnist where I will cover many key topics in the months ahead.”


(as seen in LCT Magazine)

March, 2016 – Clear Answers Enlighten Path To Profits

April, 2016 – How To Master The Roles For Making More Money

May, 2016 – Industry Trends, Topics Can Spur The Toughest Choice

July, 2016 – How To Track Your Bottom Line Numbers

August, 2016 – How To Avoid Alarm Over An Audit

September, 2016 – Why Investing In Your Employees Pays off

October, 2016 – 10 Things You May Get Wrong While Selling

 November, 2016 – How To Create A Business Plan

December, 2016 – Don’t O.D. On O.T.

January, 2017 – How To Prepare Your RFP’s To Lower Expenses

February, 2017 – Yes, You Really Do Have The Time

March, 2017 – How To Max Your Money Flow